Preparing for your WIL activity

How to find a WIL activity

Finding the WIL opportunity that is right for you can range from a Faculty or WIL Central sourced placement or project to sourcing your own placement (which must be approved by your WIL staff). As a starting point, consult the information on the WIL courses and programs available under WIL courses and programs offered at UNSW. Here you will also find the contact details for the respective WIL staff in each of the faculties and at WIL Central.

Roles and responsibilities in preparing for your WIL activity

Students have responsibilities to ensure the safe and smooth operation of their WIL activity. This is true whether you find your own placement or are placed by your Faculty or School (e.g. in an internship or WIL project).

In fulfilling your responsibilities, you must first prepare for your WIL activity by doing the following:

  • reading all materials provided by WIL staff to ensure that the requirements of the WIL activity, especially any time commitments and travel involved, are fully understood.
  • making whatever arrangements are necessary to meet all time commitments e.g. considering caring responsibilities (for children or others), or travel and accommodation where necessary.
  • reading and signing the WIL Agreement and any other documents required (see Course Outline and other relevant course materials for details).
  • submitting any required documentation such as police checks, working with children checks, and health checks by the deadlines set by WIL staff. Not all WIL activities require these checks. If they are information will be provided in the Course Outline.
  • completing the eLearning Module 'Sexual Misconduct: what you need to know for work' (see links below)
  • completing any other pre-WIL activity training designated by WIL staff and/or the partner organisation. 

If the WIL activity is a placement (e.g. cadetships, clinicals, internships, practicums) a workplace induction must be undertaken within the first few days and a risk assessment of the WIL activity completed and submitted. WIL staff will provide details of how and where to submit these documents.

For more detail on all Roles and Responsibilities in Work Integrated Learning at UNSW, which you can access here.

Completing the 'Preparing for WIL: Student Check List'

In order to ensure that you have completed all of the necessary activities (including the eLearning Module on Sexual Misconduct) in preparing for your WIL activity you need to complete the Student Checklistwhich you can access below.   

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