WIL Central offers undergraduate and postgraduate inter-disciplinary WIL courses that enable students to develop and apply professional skills and knowledge while gaining real-world experience with partner organisations.

CDEV3000 Practice of Work is an innovative, experiential course designed to enable students to integrate theory with the practice of work by working directly with a partner organisation (industry, community and government) on a real-world project. Students will learn about professional practice (including teamwork, project management, problem solving, design thinking, and communication skills) and develop their personal capabilities for lifelong learning and work. Students work in inter-disciplinary teams with an Academic Supervisor who assists in maximising learning and the quality of the project deliverables.

CDEV3000 is available to domestic and international students and can be undertaken as an undergraduate General Education course. The General Education Program at UNSW allows undergraduate students to broaden their education by completing a number of courses from outside their Faculty. By doing CDEV3000, students gain invaluable exposure to real-world problems and, through multi-disciplinary thinking, develop a flexible approach to life and work while enhancing their critical analysis and teamwork skills.

For more information about CDEV3000 see here, which includes the link to the current session’s Course Outline.