Work Integrated Learning (WIL) offers many benefits for students, UNSW and the partner organisations. Specifically, it facilitates the transition from study to work and develops key discipline specific, general and career knowledge and skills, and leads to better employment outcomes for students. WIL also has the potential to enhance life-long learning capabilities that will help students adapt to the changing future.

This is a complex endeavour that draws on the knowledge and skills of both professional and academic staff across the university to ensure safe and high-quality learning experiences for students. The UNSW WIL Staff Portal provides resources to support the design and delivery of WIL.

These resources include:

  • The UNSW Work Integrated Learning Procedure
  • The Procedure’s Supporting Documents, which include:
    • Preparing for WIL: Partner Organisation Checklist
    • Preparing for WIL: Student Checklist
    • Preparing for WIL: WIL Staff Checklist
    • WIL at UNSW Definition Guidelines
    • WIL Agreement Template and Guidelines
    • WIL Student Supervision and Support Guideline
    • Changes to WIL Arrangements Guideline – to be completed
    • WIL Student Risk Assessment Guidelines – to be completed
  • Assessing WIL
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Work Integrated Learning at UNSW
  • Using InPlace: UNSW's WIL system
  • WIL Supervision Guidelines
  • WIL Course template
  • WIL Course Starter Kit Template
  • WIL Agreement template and Core Terms